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About the Grain Chain Partnership of Organizations

American Bakers Association (ABA) is the Washington D.C.- based voice of the wholesale baking industry. Since 1897, ABA has advocated on behalf of more than 700 baking facilities and baking suppliers before Congress and regulatory agencies. ABA members produce bread, rolls, crackers, bagels, sweet goods, tortillas and many other wholesome, nutritious, baked products for America’s families. The baking industry generates more than $70 billion in economic activity annually and employs close to half a million highly skilled people. [email protected]

AIB International (AIB) is a corporation founded by the North American wholesale and retail baking industries in 1919 as a technology transfer center for bakers and food processors. The original mission of the organization was to “put science to work for the baker,” which is still central to all of the programs, products, and services provided by AIB to baking and general food production industries worldwide. [email protected]

Grain Foods Foundation (GFF), a joint venture of members of the milling, baking and allied industries formed in 2004, is dedicated to advancing the public’s understanding of the beneficial role grain-based foods play in the human diet. Directed by a board of trustees, funding for the Foundation is provided through voluntary donations from private grain-based food companies and is supplemented by industry associations. [email protected]

Grains for Health Foundation (GFH) was founded in 2009 to increase the availability of
affordable grain-based foods with health benefits to improve public health. Grains for Health forges partnerships with food and health leaders to develop evidence-based strategies that facilitate the development, delivery, and consumption of grain-based foods that promote public health, lower the incidence of diet-related, chronic disease, and curb health care costs. [email protected]

Independent Bakers Association (IBA) The Independent Bakers Association is a Washington, D.C. based national trade association of over 400 mostly family owned wholesale bakeries and allied industry trades. The Association was founded in 1968 to protect the interests of independent wholesale bakers. [email protected]

National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) is a federation of 21 state wheat grower associations that works to represent the needs and interests of wheat producers before Congress and federal agencies. Based in Washington, D.C., NAWG is grower-governed and grower- funded, and works in areas as diverse as federal farm policy, trade, environmental regulation, research and climate change. [email protected]

National Pasta Association (NPA) was founded in 1904 and is an organization of pasta
manufacturers, millers and suppliers to the US pasta industry which serves as a cohesive industry advocate, a promoter of pasta and a center of knowledge for its members. [email protected]

North American Millers’ Association (NAMA) is the trade association representing 43
companies that operate 170 wheat, oat and corn mills in 38 states and Canada. Their collective production capacity exceeds 175 million pounds of product each day, more than 95 percent of the total industry production. [email protected]

Retail Bakers of America (RBA) It is the purpose of the Retail Bakers of America (the
association) to assist bakers in furthering the health and vitality of the nation’s population by making available delicious bakery foods; to foster a better relationship between the consuming public and the baking industry; to promote and encourage the production of high quality, wholesome, healthful bakery foods and the consumption thereof; to foster closer cooperation among bakers, especially retail bakers, for their business welfare and to further the craft and the art of baking; and to afford representation for the baking industry, especially its retail branch, in its relations with government. [email protected]

Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) was created in 1989 to serve the emerging tortilla industry, now the fastest growing segment of the baking industry. TIA members include tortilla manufacturers, supplies, and distributors around the world, as well as companies with interests in the growing industry. As the nationally recognized representative for companies in the tortilla industry, TIA seeks to promote the consumption of this traditional Mexican bread, specifically alternative uses of tortillas in mainstream American fare, such as sandwiches, soups and desserts. [email protected]

USA Rice Federation is the global advocate for all segments of the U.S. rice industry with a mission to promote and protect the interests of producers, millers, merchants and allied businesses. Over 20 billion pounds of long, medium, and short grain, and organic and specialty rices are grown and harvested each year by farmers in Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Missouri. [email protected]

Wheat Foods Council (WFC) is a nonprofit organization formed in 1972 to help increase public awareness of grains, both whole and enriched, complex carbohydrates, and fiber as essential components of a healthful diet. The Council is supported voluntarily by wheat producers, millers, bakers, and related industries. [email protected]

Wheat Quality Council (WQC) works to improve the value of all U.S. wheat classes for
producers, millers, and processors of wheat. Founded in 1938, it has a long and distinguished history of evaluating wheat for milling and end-use quality. The Council also advocates the development of cultivars which enhance end-use quality of wheat and provides forums for breeders, producers and industry members to discuss desired characteristics and evaluation of wheat. [email protected]

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