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2013 Annual Meeting Highlights

Top executives from the milling industry, associate members and industry allies met in Washington, DC, October 28-30 for the 2013 North American Millers’ Association Annual Meeting.

NAMA’s chairman, James M. Meyer, president, Italgrani, U.S.A., Inc. opened the annual meeting with comments about the importance of being active and involved in a trade association that presents a strong and unified front relating to the key issues.

“A hallmark of an association is the strength and depth of its relationships with allied organizations. In times of major events, these relationships can create a much stronger and unified face of the industry.”

Meyer highlighted two key relationships:

Sulfuryl Fluoride (SF) Coalition – As a member of the coalition, NAMA continues to be a key player in the efforts to save SF for mill sanitation.

Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) – As a member of GFF, NAMA continues to promote the use of member company products and to challenge incorrect information about the healthful attributes of milling industry products.

Meyer introduced to the general membership James A. McCarthy, the new NAMA president and CEO. McCarthy addressed the group, thanking members for their support of NAMA and participation on the association’s committees. He made a commitment to continue to build on NAMA’s long-time relationships with allied organizations and stakeholders, citing an ever present need for collaborations on key industry issues like food safety, biotechnology, research and education.

Keynote speaker Paul Klein, president and founder of Impakt, offered a perspective on a social purpose for the milling industry. Attendees also heard about how NAMA partners are working to educate consumers about the healthfulness of grain-based food products and safe food handling practices. Leadership from allied organizations briefed attendees on key issues, including the impact of corn on the wheat market, food safety regulations for animal feed, and educating tomorrow’s millers.

NAMA members can access the speaker presentations from the “Member Log-In” section of the NAMA website, www. namamillers.org.  Please contact Terri Long, Director of Membership, Communications and Meetings for your password.

In addition to attending speaker programs, members visited the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry, the U.S. Capitol, and the Senate and House Chambers.

They met with:

  • Ann Hall a nutritionist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service to discuss the Nutrition Standards in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs;
  • Jon Brause, director, Washington Liaison Office, UN World Food Programme to discuss food aid; and
  • NAMA food safety counsel, Ricardo Carvajal, with Hyman, Phelps & McNamara to discuss the two new proposed Food Safety Modernization Act rules on food safety audits and foreign supplier verification programs.

Board of Directors Meeting

Three Executive Committee members, who are rotating off the committee, were recognized for their service:

  • C.B. “Chip” Knappen III, president and CEO, Knappen Milling Company.
  • John Gillcrist, chairman, Bartlett Milling Company.
  • George Allard, vice president and general manager, Bunge Milling, Inc.

Four members of the NAMA board were elected to three-year terms on the executive committee:

  • J. Breck Barton, president, Cereal Food Processors, Inc.;
  • John A. Didion, president, Didion Milling, Inc.;
  • Richard C. Siemer, president, Siemer Milling Company; and
  • Dan Ward, president, La Crosse Milling Company.

The chairman of the Nominating Committee was Don Mennel, The Mennel Milling Company.

John C. Miller, who retired in 2012 as president, chairman and CEO of the Miller Milling Company and Donald A. Wilbur, Jr., who retired in 2005 as president and CEO of the Industrial Fumigant Company, were elected for Honorary Lifetime Membership in NAMA.

Miller served on the NAMA/Millers’ National Federation Board of Directors from 1987-2012. He was elected to the MNF Executive Committee in 1992 and served a one-year term on the initial NAMA Executive Committee. He was a member of the NAMA Budget Committee, Kansas State Committee, and chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on CVD/AD (countervailing duty/antidumping case). He served a second term on the Executive Committee beginning in 2005. In 2006 he was elected vice chairman. Two years later he was elected NAMA chairman. Miller presented testimony on behalf of NAMA on numerous occasions.

Wilbur is the first Associate Member of NAMA to be elected for Honorary Lifetime Membership in NAMA. He served as the Chairman of the NAMA allied trade committee and is the only non-miller to serve on the American Corn Millers Federation Board of Directors.

He and his wife, Eunice Wilbur created an endowed professorship at K-State to honor his father, a former professor in K-State’s Department of Entomology, and to provide financial assistance to an outstanding faculty member in stored-product protection in K-State’s College of Agriculture.

Wilbur’s numerous awards reflect his years of valuable service to the milling industry:

  1. A U.S. State Department award for developing food storage seminars throughout the world for the U.S. Agency for International Development Food for Peace recipients;
  2. The George B. Wagner Award from the International Association of Operative Millers for outstanding contribution to the industry.  He was the 7th person to receive the award in 25 years and only the 2nd non-milling industry person to receive this award.  Wilbur’s father was the first recipient of the Wagner award;
  3. The Allied Trades Award for outstanding contributions to the grain and milling industries from the American Operating Mills Association.

Don Mennel, The Mennel Milling Company announced at the meeting that it was the last meeting he would attend as a board member. Mennel has served on the board of directors since 1974 and has been active on the executive committee and has chaired numerous committees over the years, the most recently being the Food Safety Committee and the Nominating Committee. NAMA Chairman Jim Meyer recognized Mennel at the Mt. Vernon dinner and thanked him for his leadership, service and support. Mennel said it had been a pleasure to work with the members and that he would miss their camaraderie. His son, Ford Mennel, is now the board representative for the company.

2013-2014 Seated Representative on the Board of Directors

George Allard, Bunge Milling, Inc.

Breck Barton, Cereal Food Processors, Inc.

Frank Brown, Jr., F.M. Brown’s & Sons, Inc.

John Cory, Prairie Mills Products, LLC

John A. Didion, Didion Milling, Inc.

Brian K. Doyle, King Milling Company

Daniel P. Dye, Horizon Milling/Cargill

Dan Fetherston, SEMO Milling LLC

William L. Ford, Shawnee Milling Company

Ron Frick, General Mills, Inc.

Robert J. Giguere, Iowa Corn Processors

John Gillcrist, Bartlett Milling Company

Craig Hagood, House-Autry Mills, Inc.

Robert Y. Harper, Hopkinsville Milling Company

Howdy S. Holmes, “JIFFY” Mixes

Charles H. Keynes, Keynes Bros., Inc.

Kim King, Lakeside Mills, Inc.

C. B. Knappen III, Knappen Milling Company

Mark Kolkhorst, ADM Milling Company

Arthur Loeffler, Star of the West Milling Company

Tommy Lynn, C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc.

Michael Manos, Renwood Mills LLC

Luke Marano, Minot Milling Company

D. Ford Mennel, The Mennel Milling Company

James M. Meyer, Italgrani U.S.A., Inc.

Michael W. Pritchard, PepsiCo/Quaker Oats

Thomas A. Rogers, Wilkins-Rogers, Inc.

Rick L. Schwein, Grain Millers, Inc.

Richard C. Siemer, Siemer Milling Company

Douglas E. Snavely, Snavely’s Mills, Inc.

William Stoufer, ConAgra Mills

Charles B. Stout, Milner Milling/PFM/Southeastern Mills

Vance Taylor, North Dakota Mill & Elevator

Pat Van Osch, Richardson International Ltd.

Robin M. Venn, LifeLine Foods, LLC

Greg Viers, Barilla America, Inc.

Dan Ward, La Crosse Milling Company

Kaz Watanabe, Miller Milling Company

Stephen H. Wickes, Agricor, Inc.


Associate Member Sponsors

Many thanks to the following Associate Members for sponsoring the “Gentleman’s Distillery and Whiskey Tasting Dinner” at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon plantation:

Buhler Inc.

Caravan Ingredients

CETEC Cereal Technologies


Commerce Bank

Degesch America Inc.

Dow AgroSciences LLC

Hansen-Mueller Company

Hood Packaging Corporation

Industrial Fumigant Company

JPMorgan Chase Bank

Kice Industries Inc.


Nationwide Agribusiness

Parrish & Heimbecker, Inc.

Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.

Premier Tech Systems

Rabobank International


Research Products Company

Riverland Ag Corp.

Wells Fargo Commercial Banking

Wright Enrichment, Inc.

Without their support, the event would not have been possible. It’s one that we will remember for a long time. Attendees toured George Washington’s 1791 Oliver Evans gristmill and 1797 whiskey distillery and enjoyed a whiskey-pairing, five-course dinner at the Mt. Vernon Inn Restaurant.

Mark you calendars now for the March Division Meetings, to be held March 8-11, 2014 at the Marco Island Beach Resort in Marco Island, FL. The 2014 Annual Meeting will be held October 23-25, 2014 at The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL.

Click here to view pictures of the 2013 Annual Meeting.

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