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2013 Annual Meeting Speaker Presentations

Milling with a Social Purpose

Paul Klein, President and Founder, Impakt
Paul Klein founded Impakt in 2001 to help corporations and civil society organizations become social purpose leaders. Mr. Klein has helped Fortune 500 companies and other large corporations including De Beers, Home Depot, McKesson, Nestlé-Purina, National Bank, Petro-Canada, Pfizer, RONA, Shoppers Drug Mart, SNC-Lavalin, Starbucks, sanofi-aventis, and 3M to assess and improve the value of their social purpose programs. He has also helped many leading non-profit organizations to understand their social purpose and build shared value partnerships with corporations. In this presentation, Mr. Klein offers a perspective on how and why the milling industry can establish an overarching social purpose.


Fight BAC!

Shelley Feist, Executive Director, Partnership for Food Safety Education
Shelley Feist, Executive Director of the Partnership, is a spokesperson on food safety and the consumer, providing science-based guidance to consumers on how they can reduce their risk of foodborne illness. This presentation shows of the PSFE Fight BAC! public relations campaign educates consumers about safe food handling practices.


Using Science and Social Media to Promote Grain-Based Foods

Christine M. Cochran, Executive Director, Grain Foods Foundation
Christine Cochran is Executive Director of the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF), a joint venture of members of the milling, baking and allied industries, which is dedicated to advancing the public’s understanding of the beneficial role grain-based foods play in the human diet. This presentation shows how GFF is using science and social media to provide influencers and consumers with accurate, positive information about the healthfulness of grain-based food products.


Pasta Fits

Alexandra Smith Ozerkis, Senior Account Supervisor, Kellen Communications, National Pasta Association
Alexandra Smith Ozerkis is a Senior Account Supervisor with Kellen Communications  for the National Pasta Association (NPA) Pasta Fits digital marketing campaign.  NPA launched the Pasta Fits digital marketing campaign in February 2013. This presentation highlights the NPA strategy for increasing consumer awareness of pasta’s role as a nutritious, versatile and affordable meal.


The Corn-Wheat Connection

Alan T. Tracy, President, U.S. Wheat Associates
As president of U.S. Wheat Associates, Alan Tracy directs the organization’s global export market development program, striving to increase wheat consumption and U.S. market share for all classes of U.S. wheat in more than 100 countries. This presentation shows how the grains market is interconnected  and provides an hypothesis for an alternate future.


Food Safety and Feed

Randall C. Gordon, President, National Grain and Feed Association
Randy Gordon was elected as the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) president in September 2012. Feed manufacturing has always been an important customer of milling industry co-products. Recently, FDA has changed its lexicon from “feed” to “animal food.” This presentation is about how this might change manufacturing practices in the “animal food” industry.

Randy also introduces the biotech value chain MOU  – a new approach to addressing marketing-related issues for products made using biotechnology.


Grain Foods and U.S. Nutrition Policies

Lee Sanders, CAE, Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Public Affairs, American Bakers Association
Lee Sanders is Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Public Affairs as well as Corporate Secretary for the American Bakers Association (ABA). Ms. Sanders leads the ABA Government Relations team in representing the baking industry before Congress, federal agencies, state legislatures and international policy making bodies. In this presentation, Ms. Sanders reviews the current state of play with U.S. nutrition policies.


Educating Tomorrow’s Millers

Melinda Farris, Executive Vice President, International Association of Operative Millers
Melinda Farris has served as executive vice president since June 2007. In this presentation Ms. Farris shares the IAOM strategy for educating future millers, including options for correspondence courses, online courses, certificates in milling and partnerships with the K-State Department of Grain Science and Industry.


Federal Nutrition Policy

Ann Hall, MRE, RD, LDN, CNSC, Nutritionist, USDA/FNS
Ann Hall is a nutritionist with the Child Nutrition Division, Food and Nutrition Service, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Ms. Hall has over twenty-five years of experience in support of the USDA Child Nutrition Programs and in the community.  In this presentation, Ms. Hall provides an overview of the new meal patterns.  The grain requirements in the new meal patterns will be reviewed to include the minimum and maximum number of ounce equivalents for all grains offered, the current flexibility in meeting the weekly maximums for grains, calculating ounce equivalents, the whole grain-rich requirement and the implementation criteria.

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