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2013 Technical Committee Meeting Materials – State GM Food Labeling Initiatives

North American Millers’ Association
Background/Briefing Paper

State GM Food Labeling Initiatives

Despite the defeat of California’s Proposition 37 voter initiative in 2012, it was clear the issue of mandatory GM labeling wasn’t going away. Similar voter initiatives and legislative bills are under consideration in many states.

In response, food and ag associations including NAMA have been discussing the concept of federal legislation to preempt eventual state requirements for GM labeling. The concept is to provide for voluntary, uniform labeling of foods with GM content, while mandatory labels would still be required only for matters of health, safety and nutritional content.

Countries that require GMO labeling:

1998: Europe; 2001: Japan, Australia, New Zealand; 2002: China, Saudi Arabia, South Korea; 2003: Thailand, Indonesia; 2004: Brazil, Venezuela; 2005: Taiwan; 2006: Russia, India, Chile; 2011: South Africa.


Prepared by Jim Bair, Vice President, 202.484.2200, ext. 14, [email protected]

Last updated September, 2013


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