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Archived News Releases

Dec 11, 2008 NAMA Chairman John Miller Selects Committee Chairmen
Oct 22, 2008 New Study Reveals Health Benefits of Corn
Oct 2, 2008 NAMA Passes Gavel to John Miller
Jul 24, 2008 Canadian Oat Researchers to receive a half million in funding
May 21, 2008 The Farm Bill – a mixed bag for millers
Apr 28, 2008 Millers agree: Testing corn for StarLink not adding to food safety
Jan 11, 2008 Ten years later, science still points to oats
Jan 11, 2008 NAMA participates in closing bell ceremony on the NYSE
May 29, 2007 NAMA Leadership Meets with Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns
May 10, 2007 NAMA tells Congress: Food, not cash, is the most dependable form of food aid
Apr 26, 2007 Farm Bill an Opportunity to Reform Programs Causing Market Distortions
Apr 19, 2007 Survey Shows Excellent Microbiological Profiles for Milled Cereal Grains
Dec 6, 2006 NAMA Chairman Rick Schwein Selects Committee Chairmen
Sep 28, 2006 NAMA re-launches website with an emphasis on product promotion
Sep 13, 2006 NAMA calls on Congress to allow the market to determine what crops are planted
Sep 8, 2006 Wheat Industry Meets to Discuss Opportunities and Challenges
Aug 28, 2006 Grains Industry Promotes Healthy Eating Through National Sandwich Recipe Contest
Jun 29, 2006 NAMA Moves Back to the West Wing
Feb 9, 2006 Oat Millers, Growers, and Researchers Lobby Congress for Oat Research Funding
Dec 13, 2005 NAMA Applauds Unanimous NAFTA Panel Affirmation on Wheat Trade
Oct 31, 2005 DeMarchi Promoted to Director of Government Relations,
North American Millers’ Association
Oct 5, 2005 NAMA Praises Decision of International Trade Commission on Wheat Trade
Jun 16, 2005 NAMA calls on Congress to do more for the malnourished people of the world
Jun 7, 2005 NAMA Praises Decision of NAFTA Panel on Wheat Trade
Apr 19, 2005 The Food Guide Pyramid has a New Look! Eating grain foods still a big part of healthy living
Feb 10, 2005 Oat Millers, Growers and Researchers Lobby Congress for Oat Research Funding
Feb 1, 2005 “Bread. It’s Essential”; Grains for LIFE campaign is launched
Jan 31, 2005 Oats removed from retaliation list; NAMA praises USTR decision
Jan 12, 2005 Grain foods vindicated! No surprise to millers
Sep 29, 2004 It’s a mistake to downgrade the importance of bread in a healthy diet, Reports NAMA in comments submitted to the Guidelines Advisory Committee
Sep 24, 2004 Supply of Heart-healthy Foods Threatened by Proposed U.S. Trade Action, Reports NAMA in Testimony Before the USTR
Jul 22, 2004 NAMA – Proud Partners of U.S. Food Assistance
May 11, 2004 NAMA Applauds Bayer CropScience Decision to Withhold Pesticide from Canadian Oat Market
Apr 8, 2004 NAMA Urges the Administration to Fund Food Aid Development Programs at the Level Mandated by Congress
Mar 29, 2004 NAMA Announces Formation of Bi-Partisan Congressional Grain Caucus
Mar 26, 2004 NAMA Members Lobby Congress for Wheat Research Funding,
Mar 25, 2004 100 Percent Containment Required for Biotech Pharmaceutical and Industrial Products
Mar 25, 2004 NAMA Fights for the Use of Tool to Keep Insects out of Consumers’ Food
Mar 24, 2004 North American Millers’ Association Names DeMarchi to Staff Position
Feb 17, 2004 Oat Millers, Growers and Researchers Lobby Congress for Oat Research Funding
Jan 29, 2004 NAMA and allies push for federal funds critical for increasing oat growers’ profitability
Jan 15, 2004 NAMA Reports 10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Bread and other Grain Foods
Jan 12, 2004 Food Aid Mission to Ethiopia Led by Officers of the North American Millers’ Association
Oct 3, 2003 ITC Strikes Down Canadian Durum Wheat Import Tariffs, NAMA Applauds Ruling
Sep 4, 2003 NAMA Defends Access to Entire North American Wheat Crop
Aug 29, 2003 NAMA Reacts to Commerce Department Tariff Ruling on Wheat Imports from Canada
Jun 6, 2003 NAMA and ABA Agree To Form Joint Committee To Address Nutritional – Public Awareness Campaign For Grain-Based Foods
Jun 2, 2003 NAMA calls on Congress and Administration to save fumigant important for food cleanliness
May 2, 2003 NAMA Looks Forward to Final Stage of Wheat Import Investigation,
May 1, 2003 Leaders of the North American Millers’ Association Ask Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman for the Support of USDA on Key Agriculture Issues
Apr 9, 2003 North American Millers’ Association Urges FDA
to Increase Food Security Without Sacrificing Foreign Trade
Mar 6, 2003 NAMA Speaks Out for Food Aid Programs
Feb 27, 2003 NAMA Seeks to Reverse Decline in U.S. Oat Production
Feb 13, 2003 NAMA Calls for Tight Regulation of Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals
Dec 17, 2002 NAMA Asks Congress for Food Aid Funding
Nov 5, 2002 NAMA Applauds BIO Announcement as Important First Step
Oct 24, 2002 NAMA Kicks Off “100 Years – 1 Voice”
A Celebration of the Millers’ 100th Anniversary
Oct 8, 2002 NAMA Urges ITC to Deny Petition for Restricting Wheat Trade
Sep 23, 2002 NAMA Calculates Impact of Methyl Bromide Ban to Exceed $60 Million Annually
Sep 17, 2002 NAMA Opposes Efforts to Restrict Trade in Wheat Between the U.S. and Canada
Aug 22, 2002 NAMA-Supported Wheat Disease Research Makes Progress
Apr 23, 2002 The North American Millers’ Association Defends Free Trade with Canada
Apr 17, 2002 NAMA Joins President in Push for Trade Promotion Authority
Mar 4, 2002 North American Millers’ Association Encourages Food Aid Reform and Larger Budget to Meet U.S. Commitments
Feb 15, 2002 The North American Millers’ Association Applauds Administration Decision on Wheat Trade
Jan 8, 2002 NAMA Announces the Latest Medical Miracle for Preventing Birth DefectsPSA
Jan 3, 2002 NAMA Supports Continued Free Trade in Wheat between the U.S. and Canada
Dec 5, 2001 NAMA Urges Congress to Pass Trade Promotion Authority
Jul 17, 2001 StarLink Test Results
May 21, 2001 Biotechnology Statement
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