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Amylase Corn

NAMA has been working on the issue of Syngenta’s introduction of CA 3272 Corn Amylase Trait since first hearing about it in the spring of 2007.

NAMA raised concerns about the functionality of this corn output trait by Syngenta in terms of the impact on corn dry milling members and customers and the precedent it creates for the introduction of other commodity output traits by other technology providers.

On February 11, 2011, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the decision to deregulate Syngenta’s 3272 Amylase Corn Trait without conditions. An Industry Advisory Council is to be organized by Syngenta to monitor amylase corn crops and mitigate any problems that may occur.

Prepared by Jim Bair, Vice President, 202.484.2200, ext. 14, [email protected]

Last updated February 23, 2012

– More Information –

  • Feb 2011 – Scientific review of Syngenta’s report on amylase corn – NAMA retained an industry consultant, Dr. Wayne Moore, to analyze the Syngenta petition submission and prepare comments for the record that show why the food industry has concerns over Syngenta’s test results and what information is missing from their review.
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