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Flour Production Data

NAMA continues to have 100% participation from the top 24 companies surveyed (approximately 95% of the industry). Data has been collected for six quarters:

  1. Q3 2011 July, August, September;
  2. Q4 2011 October, November, December;
  3. 1Q 2012 January, February, March;
  4. 2Q 2012 April, May, June;
  5. 3Q 2012 July, August, September; and
  6. 4Q 2012 October, November, December.

Participants enter data into a password protected database created by Veris Consulting, the outside company retained by NAMA to collect the data, aggregate it and produce a quarterly flour production report. Participants have online access to the report. NAMA emails the full report to board members with companies that participate in the data collection. The full report includes aggregate production numbers for total flour production, daily capacity, wheat ground and millfeed produced. An abbreviated report containing only production, but not grind information is sent to USDA and members of the press, including Milling & Baking News and the Milling Journal.

While participation has been 100%, some data entries have not been timely, causing a delay in the release of the report. Starting with 1Q 2013, NAMA will encourage participants to enter data before the deadline to facilitate a more timely release of the report.

Due to company revisions, a restatement was issued for 4Q 2012 affecting capacity in one state going back to 3Q 2011. This revision did affect the previously released production numbers.

Last update March 7, 2013

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