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International Food Aid

NAMA’s commitment to its role as nutrition leaders extends globally through U.S. Food Aid Programs where NAMA members provide the highest nutrition products available and nearly a quarter of the products purchased to meet the nutritional needs of the world’s most food insecure populations. NAMA’s products are all enriched with vitamins and minerals and many are fortified with soy protein to make them the most cost-effective food aid interventions for vulnerable populations, including malnourished children.

Members of the NAMA have been processing specialty food grains for more than 50 years. Nations around the world use these commodities to provide at risk populations highly nutritional food assistance in emergencies, development assistance programs, and chronic disease intervention, such as food distributions to people infected or affected by HIV-AIDS. The U.S. provides more than 50% of the world’s food aid to disaster victims, refugees, people living with HIV and AIDS, mothers, children and communities in need. Yet there is still a global shortfall of aid for the 850 million people who do not have enough food to lead healthy, productive lives.

One of the most current issues surrounding NAMA products in food aid has been the issue of food aid quality/food safety. Heightened food safety attention in the U.S. and some issues with processed grain products early in the decade resulted in a Food Aid Quality Review (FAQR) by Tufts University. NAMA is actively participating in that study to assure that the product formulations and quality parameters of the FAQR recommendations are practical and consistent with U.S. food safety norms. There are many challenges to this dialogue and it is a high priority for NAMA and the International Trade Committee members.

NAMA is also a strong advocate in alliance with our global food aid partners for an adequate U.S. food aid appropriation for Title II of PL 480 administered by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the McGovern-Dole Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program administered by the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of U.S. Department of Agriculture (UDSA). We support Title II funding at a traditional $2 billion per year and McGovern-Dole School Feeding at $200 million.

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