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Partnership for Food Safety Education

The Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE) is a non-profit organization serving the public interest on a national scale through grassroots food safety educators and national media outreach. In 1997, government agencies, industry, and consumer groups pledged to cooperate in the development of science-based, consumer-oriented food safety messages.  The result was formation of the Partnership. The Partnership is undertaking a strategic initiative to:

  • Reach consensus on a refreshed, science-based approach to actionable consumer messaging
  • Build capacities of the Partnership, including engaging a greater number of non-profit and private-sector partners
  • Develop a multi-year national food safety education strategic plan
  • Develop and maintain a cohesive communications program for community-based food safety educators.

The distinguishing features of the Partnership are its focus on consumer education on safe food handling and it’s support from the United States Food and Drug Administration,

NAMA Activity

As a contributing member of the Partnership for Food Safety Education, NAMA will have a strong leadership position in the development of the Strategic Initiative and will help to guide a science-based action plan among industry associations, consumer groups, health and scientific professional organizations and federal government liaisons interested in reducing incidence of foodborne illness.

Last updated December 17, 2012

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