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Corn Division Meeting Agenda – March 13, 2011

Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort & Spa
Marco Island, Florida

Ballroom A

March 13, 2011

8:30-11:00 AM

1. Call to Order – Division Chairman, Robert Giguere, Iowa Corn Processors, Inc.
a. Introductions – Robert Giguere, Iowa Corn Processors, Inc.
b. Review of Antitrust Guidelines – Skip Meyers, Morris, Manning & Martin
2. Administrative
a. Approval of Minutes – Terri Long, NAMA
b. Report on Corn Division Reserve Fund & Budget – Mary Waters, NAMA
3. Items for Discussion
a. Review Corn Dry Milling Conference – Bruce Roskens, PepsiCo/Quaker Oats and Keith Smith, Cargill Corn Milling
b. Consideration of Research Project – Bruce Roskens, PepsiCo/Quaker Oats
Food Safety Law
a. Supply Chain Issues – Sherri Lehman, NAMA
a. Corn Amylase Review – Mary Waters, Jim Bair, NAMA
4. Information Items – for discussion if requested
a. Biotechnology
b. Biotechnology and Nutrition/Product Promotion Committees
c. FY 2012 Federal Budget for Agriculture – Sherri Lehman, NAMA
d. Partnership for Food Safety Education
5. Other Business
6. Adjournment
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