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International Trade Committee Conference Call Agenda – March 21, 2011

3:00 PM

1. Call to Order – Committee Chairman Wade Ellis, Bunge
2. Introductions – Committee Liaison Paul Green, NAMA
3. Review of Antitrust Guidelines – Robert H. Myers, Jr., Legal Counsel
4. Discussion and approval of ITC Charter as part of NAMA rechartering of all committees
5. Review of Status quality/food safety concerns
Tufts University Study and NAMA follow-up
FACG Food Safety Working Group- CRS interaction and Brian Anderson’s participation in Burundi Trip
6. Discussion of FSA recent food aid procurement changes;
Emergency products RFP
RFA for CSB and CSB Plus
Provision for Facility Sampling and Testing for all products
NAMA opinion on private sector procurements (the Seam) of food aid
7. Food Aid budget appropriations update 2011 and 2012
8. Review of Feed the Future policies on food security and food aid
9. Kirk Miller FMD review and recommendations follow-up
Performance Based Management
GMO outreach
10. Discussion of US ag trade agenda
FTAs for Korea, Colombia, Panama
WTO negotiations
Administration announcement of intention to review individual agencies trade responsibilities
11. Committee plans for meetings and travel
ITC representation at NAMA DC Leadership Meeting May 4-5?
ITC meeting at IFAC June 27-29, 2011
Prospective travel and possible invitation to Senate supporters (Moran…)
12. New Business
13. Adjournment
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