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International Trade Committee Meeting Agenda – June 27, 2011

Westin Crown Center Hotel
Kansas City, MO
Shawnee Room

Monday, June 27, 2011

3:30-5:30 PM

CALL IN NUMBER:  888-272-7337   CONFERENCE ID:  541-7923

1. Call to Order
a. Introductions
b. Antitrust Guidelines – Robert H. Myers, Jr., Legal Counsel – Att 1
2. Administration
a. Review of Notes from March 21 Conference Call – Paul Green, NAMA – Att 2
3. Items for Discussion
a. NAMA web page for Food Aid – Att 3
b. Tufts University FAQR

  • Update on reactions to release and US AID’s likely presentation for IFADC
  • Review of NAMA draft website briefing on the FAQR and NAMA’s participation in the activity – Att 4
  • Discussion of inclusion of dairy product and packaging cost issues in NAMA presentation at IFADC
c. Food safety issues related to food aid and exacting targeting to under 2 children

  • Review of NAMA draft website briefing on the food safety topic – Att 5
d. WBSCM procurement implementation and messaging to FSA staff during IFADC
e. Food Aid Quality Review follow-up plans
f. WBSCM issues and plans for meetings to discuss them with USDA staff
g. Update on 2012  Food aid Appropriations and NAMA involvement with other ag groups and Coalition for Food Security (Ellen Levinson) – Att 6
h. Proposed NAMA FMD projects

  • 2011- September trip to Africa – Possible destinations, topics (prepo, biotech, LRP, new processing capacity in Africa etc.)  member travel
  • 2012- Proposed trips (timing and destinations)
i. Non food aid trade issues in ag

  • WTO Doha negotiations
  • FTAs with Panama, Columbia and Korea
  • End of Canadian Wheat Board Monopoly
j. Review of IFADC schedule and NAMA involvement
5. Other Business
6. Adjournment


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