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Nutrition/Production Promotion Committee Conference Call Minutes – September 30, 2011

Conference Call
9:00 AM CST
September 30, 2011
Committee Members Present
John Miller, Miller Milling Company
Kris Lutz, ADM Milling Company
William Stoufer, ConAgra Foods
Dan Dye, Horizon Milling LLC/Cargill
Sheryl Stennett, Horizon Milling LLC/Cargill
Richard Siemer, Siemer Milling Company
John Gillcrist, Bartlett Milling Company
Elizabeth Arndt, ConAgra Foods
Others Present
Mary Waters, NAMA President
Sherri Lehman, NAMA Director of Government Relations
  1. Call to Order and Introductions – John Miller, Committee Chair, Miller Milling Company
    Mr. Miller called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. CST, Friday, September 30, 2011. Participants made self-introductions. NAMA President Mary Waters reviewed antitrust guidelines.
  2. Review of Vitamin D Fortification Issue Mary Waters, NAMA
    Ms. Waters reviewed her earlier memo to the committee outlining the regulatory steps necessary to allow the inclusion of Vitamin D in the enrichment for refined wheat flour as well as whole wheat flour. Ms. Arndt mentioned that background work would be needed on shelf life and stability.

    There was discussion centering around the need for evaluating downstream (American Bakers Association, National Pasta Association) acceptance before moving forward, whether it should be mandatory or voluntary, and assessing the timeline and cost of FDA approval. There was also discussion on partnering with other organizations on the effort and on getting an initial reaction from FDA and from enrichment companies. The committee asked NAMA staff for background on who initiated the 1996 petition for folic acid approval.

    The Committee members believe approval of a Vitamin D petition for flour would be positive news for enriched white flour and would benefit the entire category.  This is a priority and should be pursued.

    There was unanimous agreement that NAMA should move forward with gathering preliminary information (Stakeholder acceptance, time/cost estimates, demand, FDA input.) Mr. Miller offered a motion to direct NAMA staff to seek authority from the executive committee to proceed with initial steps and barring any unforeseen issues, move ahead on the project.  Motion was accepted.

  3. Information Items
    Ms. Waters briefed the committee on nutrition speakers at the annual meeting, noting a roundtable session with representatives from the bakers, growers and Grain Foods Foundation.
  4. Other Business
    Ms. Lehman updated the committee on the IWG’s children’s advertising proposal and the Healthy Foods Initiative to be offered in the Farm Bill.  The Committee also discussed press attention to the “Wheat Belly” book and noted this could be the first significant test of the responsiveness of the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) since its creation.  Committee members would like to assess the response of the GFF and see if further action is warranted.
  5. Adjournment

The Committee would like to have another conference call after the NAMA Annual meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherri Lehman
Director of Government Relations

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