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Agenda – Oct 7, 2011

Board of Directors Meeting
The Broadmoor

Donald Ross Room

Friday, October 7, 2011

8:00-9:30 AM

1. Call to Order and Review of Antitrust Guidelines – Paul Maass, Chairman
2. Introductions
3. Antitrust Guidelines – Joseph T. Holahan, Legal Counsel
4. Seat Board of Directors – Paul Maass, Chairman
5. Administration
a. Quorum – Joseph T. Holahan, Legal Counsel
b. Minutes of Previous Meetings & Memoriam – Paul Maass, Chairman
c. Report of the Nominating Committee – John Miller, Committee Chairman
d. Report of Budget Committee – Jim Meyer, Budget/Finance Committee Chairman

Overview of FY2012 Proposed Budget (Oct 1, 2011-Sep 30, 2012)
Resolution for Confirmation of Dues Structure

6. Overview of NAMA efforts in 2011 – Mary Waters, President
Committee Reports
  1. Nutrition – John Miller, Chairman, Sherri Lehman, Staff Liaison
    Issues:  grain chain comments on school nutrition, dietary guidelines, My Plate icon, advertising guidelines, gluten, definition of whole grain
  2. Food Safety – Don Mennel, Chairman; Sherri Lehman, staff liaison
    Issues:   passage of FDA food safety bill, NAMA comments on preventive controls
  3. Research – Don Mennel, Sherri Lehman, staff liaison
    Issue:  status of ARS soft wheat quality lab in Wooster, Ohio
  4. Biotechnology – John Gillcrist, Chairman; Jim Bair, Staff liaison
    Issues: output trait introduction, WIBC (Wheat Industry Biotech Committee) activities
  5. Mill operations – Jim Bair, staff liaison
    Issues: mycotoxins, regulation of fumigants
  6. Partnership with K State –Breck Barton, Committee Chairman; Mary Waters, staff liaison
    Guest:  Dr. Dirk Maier, Department Head, Grain Science and Industry
7. Discussion of New Projects
  1. Website Update – Terri Long
  2. K State Intern Public Policy Experience – Breck Barton and Mary Waters
  3. Production Data Collection – Bill Stoufer and Mary Waters
8. Other Business
9. Adjournment
Vitamin D Memo
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