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Biotechnology Committee Conference Call Agenda – February 24, 2011

The purpose is to review the committee charter and plan of work for the year. Also, there are several biotech issues that we would like to discuss with the committee to make sure we are going in the right direction.
1. Call to Order – Committee Chairman, John Gillcrist, Bartlett Milling
(NAMA staff – Jim Bair)
2. Introductions
3. Issues for Discusstion
  • NAMA actions to demonstrate continued commitment to biotech
  • Creation and charter of the committee
  • Website statements
  • Review of positive developments over the past year
  • Private wheat breeding investments
  • IFIC consumer survey
  • Wheat research efforts
  • ABA support for biotech wheat
Output trait issues—
  • Have caused a fissure in the chain (tech provider-producer-processor) on issues of assessment, management and liability
  • How to develop a path forward
4. New Business
5. Adjournment
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