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Minutes – Jan 5, 2012


Conference Call
January 5, 2012
9:30 am CST
Members Present:
Kris Lutt, ADM Milling Company
George Allard, Bunge Milling, Inc.
Breck Barton, Cereal Food Processors, Inc.
Paul Maass, Chairman, ConAgra Foods
Rick Schwein, Grain Millers, Inc.
Robert Harper, Hopkinsville Milling Co.
Dan Dye, Horizon Milling Co.
Robert Giguere, Iowa Corn Processors
James Meyer, Italgrani U.S.A., Inc.
Charles Keynes, Keynes Bros., Inc.
Charles Knappen III, Knappen Milling Co.
Donald Mennel, The Mennel Milling Co.
Robert Drum, Midstate Mills, Inc.
John Miller, Miller Milling Company
Luke Murano, Sr., Minot Milling Company
J. Vance Taylor, North Dakota Mill & Elevator
Charles Stout, Milner Milling/PFM/Southeastern Mills
A. Bruce Roskens, PepsiCo/Quaker Oats
Richard Siemer, Siemer Milling Company
Arthur Loeffler, Star of the West Milling Co.
Tom Rogers, Wilkins-Rogers Mills
Bill Stoufer, ConAgra Mills
Alternates Present:
Rod Geiger, Bartlett Milling Company
Jack Kennedy, “Jiffy” MixesNAMA Staff:
Mary Waters, President
James Bair, Vice President
Sherri Lehman, Government Affairs
Terri Long, Communications Director
Lyndsey Valentine, Administrative Assistant
Skip Myers, Legal Counsel, Morris, Manning, Martin, LLP
1. Welcome and Introduction – Paul Maass and Mary WatersMr. Maass welcomed all of the members and Ms. Waters took roll.
2. Anti-trust Guidelines- Skip MyersMr. Myers reviewed the anti-trust guidelines.
3. Review of Update Documents from October Board Meeting- Mary Waters
  • By-Laws 

    Ms. Waters noted a clean copy of the revised by-laws was provided to the members.  Mr. Mennel noted that the by-laws do not mention a budget or finance committee.  After a brief discussion and input from NAMA counsel Mr. Myers the members agreed the current version was sufficient. (link to bylaws)

  • GoalsMs. Waters noted the changes made to the goals during the annual meeting this past October.  There was no further discussion. (link to goals)
  • Investment Policy Statement 

    Ms. Waters noted the change made to the investment policy statement (target rate of return) that was approved during the October meeting.  There was no further discussion. (link to policy)

  • NAMA intern visit program for July 2012 

    Ms. Waters referred to the program description and dates in the board packet.  She asked members to let her know if they had concerns with any aspects of the program and to let her know if their company would like to participate. (link to program)

4. Update on NAMA Instructor of Milling at KSU- Breck Barton/ Mary WatersMr. Barton discussed the search and selection for the KSU Instructor of Milling.  Fran Churchill has twenty years of experience in the industry and will begin teaching this month.  NAMA representatives will be invited to sit in on her classes.  She will have annual performance measures.Mr. Maass thanked Breck for all of the effort that was put into finding a new instructor.  (link to news release)
5. Update on Harmonization of US/Canada Regulations – Jim BairMr. Bair distributed a background briefing paper to the Board in November at the request of the Executive Committee.   The need for regulatory harmonization between the two countries is very important to NAMA members. Speakers are being sought for the Division Meeting that can speak on this topic and an Ad hoc committee will be formed on this topic. More details about this Ad Hoc Committee will be sent so companies can determine their best representative. (link to briefing paper)
6. Update on Sulfuryl Fluoride Regulation- Jim Bair and Art LoefflerMr. Loeffler and Mr. Bair reported on the assistance NAMA has received from the Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senator Debbie Stabenow on this issue.  She wrote a letter to EPA on the industry’s behalf but it is unclear if this will change EPA’s proposal to cancel the pesticide.  NAMA is working in a coalition of food processing associations to defend the compound. (link to Stabenow letter)
7. Committee Reports:
  • Nutrition-John Miller/ Sherri Lehman
Vitamin D Petition Suggestion to Executive CommitteeMr. Miller reported that the Committee has prepared a recommendation for the Executive Committee to petition FDA to allow the addition of Vitamin D to flour.
Advertising RestrictionsMs. Lehman reported on the appropriations language that passed last month that restricted further action to implement this proposal.
Release of new Diet Fad book “Bread is the Devil”This book was released this week.  Despite the title it approaches broader issues such as mindless eating.  We will work with the Grain Foods Foundation to provide accurate nutritional information.
  • Biotechnology- Jim Bair 

    Mr. Bair reported that Syngenta established an Enogen advisory committee and NAMA will be represented at their next meeting on January 17 by George Allard of Bunge and Don Sullins of ADM.  Bruce Roskens of Pepsi/Quaker is the GMA representative.The Biotech Committee discussed the need for biotech companies to submit samples of new varieties to the Wheat Quality Council for milling and baking analysis.

  • Food Safety- Don Mennel/ Sherri Lehman 

    Ms. Lehman reported that there had been a delay of expected Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations.  When they are issued NAMA will work with other food organizations and provide NAMA members with an analysis of impact on millers.  NAMA staff will coordinate comments back to FDA.  The issue of “animal intrusion” expected to be raised in the produce regulations is of particular concern to millers.

  • Ad Hoc Committee on Futures- Dan Dye/ Jim Bair 

    Mr. Dye reported the committee had its first conference call and had sent a letter to the House and Senate Agriculture Committee Chairmen citing concerns about uncertainty over segregation of funds.  The committee may next look at delivery issues, wheat contract performance and convergence. (link to letter)

  • Ad Hoc Committee on Flour Production Data- Bill Stoufer/ Mary Waters 

    Mr. Stoufer said they are working on collecting 4th quarter data and has worked up a meeting date for next week. Mr. Maass noted that the third quarter collection provided a seamless transition and suggested that members relay any questions or concerns to Mr. Stoufer and Ms. Waters.  He thanked Mr. Stoufer, Mr. Myers and Ms. Waters for their work.

8. Other BusinessDon Mennel has a question about membership and attendance by non-members at meetings. Ms. Waters will do further work on a plan to promote membership.  We need to articulate that membership in NAMA is an investment, not a cost.

Bob Giguere has a meeting with Syngenta on January 10 to discuss Enogen planting in Iowa in 2012 and will inform NAMA of what happens at that meeting.  Don Sullins of ADM will join him at that meeting.

9. AdjournmentThe Meeting was adjourned at 10:45a.m. CST.
Respectfully submitted,

Mary Waters
NAMA President

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