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Minutes – Oct 7, 2011



Board of Directors

The Broadmoor
Colorado Springs, CO
Friday, October 7, 2011
8:00 AM
Members Present:
George Allard, Bunge Milling, Inc.
Breck Barton, Cereal Food Processors, Inc.
Dan Dye, Horizon Milling LLC/Cargill
Dan Fetherston, SEMO Milling LLC
Karl Gerrand, Viterra, Inc.
Robert Giguere, Iowa Corn Processors
Howdy Holmes, JIFFY Mixes
C.B. Knappen III, Knappen Milling Co.
Arthur Loeffler, Star of the West Milling Co.
Kris Lutt, ADM Milling Company
Tommy Lynn, CH Guenther & Son, Inc.
Paul Maass, Chairman, ConAgra Foods
Luke Marano, Sr., Minot Milling Co.
Donald Mennel, The Mennel Milling Co.
James Meyer, Italgrani USA, Inc.
John Miller, Miller Milling Co.
Bruce Roskens, PepsiCo/Quaker Oats
Greg Schlafer, General Mills, Inc.
Rick Schwein, Grain Millers, Inc.
Charles Stout, Milner Milling/ PFM/ Southeastern Mills, Inc.
Vance Taylor, North Dakota Mill & Elevator
Dan Ward, LaCrosse Milling Co.
Stephen Wickes, Agricor, Inc.

Alternates Present:
David Brumleve, Siemer Miling Company
Roderick Geiger, Bartlett Milling Co.
Thomas Rogers, Wikins Rogers Mills

Others Present:
Mark Kolkhorst, ADM Milling Co.
Dirk Maier, Kansas State University
Ford Mennel, The Mennel Milling Co.
Beth Holzman, ADM Milling Co.
Bill Stoufer, ConAgra Mills

NAMA Staff:
Mary Waters, President
James Bair, Vice President
Sherri Lehman, Government Affairs
Paul Green, International Trade Consultant
Terri Long, Communications Director
Lyndsey Valentine, Administrative Assistant
Joseph Holahan, Legal Counsel, Morris, Manning, Martin, LLP

1. Call to Order – Paul Maass, ConAgra Foods, ChairmanMr. Maass, Chairman, called the 2011 meeting of the Board of Directors to order at 8:05 a.m.
2. Introductions
3. Antitrust Guidelines – Joseph T. Holahan, Legal Counsel

NAMA’s Legal Counsel, Mr. Holahan, reviewed the Antitrust Guidelines.

4. Seat Board of Directors – Paul Maass, ChairmanAll members except Prairie Mills Products, LLC have appointed a representative to serve on the Board of Directors.  Mr. Maass referred members to the list of representatives on the Board of Directors as provided in the meeting notebook.  He asked members to review the list and notify the NAMA office of any changes.  Mr. Maass formally seated the new Board of Directors.

Ms. Waters took a moment to remember King Doyle of King Milling Company, David F. Mattson of Cereal Food Processors, Inc., and Winston R. Wallin of the Pillsbury Company who passed away this past year.

It is fitting that we pause in the deliberations of our Annual Meeting to pay our respects to the members of NAMA who passed away this past year.

They left lasting impressions on the milling industry and this association.  We recognize these members with deep appreciation and gratitude for their active participation in the affairs of the organization, their counsel and advice, their valuable contributions of time and talent to the milling business, and their warm good fellowships.

5. Administration
a. Quorum – Joseph T. Holahan, Legal CounselMr. Holahan, NAMA General Counsel, announced the presence of a quorum.
b. Minutes of Previous Meeting– Paul Maass, ConAgra Foods, ChairmanMinutes from the Board of Directors meeting were circulated prior to the meeting.  It was moved to accept the minutes.  The motion passed unanimously.
c. Report of the Nominating Committee – John Miller, Committee Chairman Mr. Miller, along with Mr. Mennel, reported that there were no openings on the Executive Committee this year and no nominations for honorary membership.
The current Executive Committee Members are:
Kris Lutt, ADM Milling Company Wheat/Corn/Export (permanent)
Paul Maass, ConAgra Foods Wheat/Corn/Oat/Export (permanent)
Greg Schlafer, General Mills, Inc. Wheat (seated 2008)
Charles B. Stout, Pendleton Flour Mills/ Milner Milling/ Southeastern Mills Wheat (seated 2009)
Dan Dye, Horizon Milling/Cargill Wheat/Corn/Export (permanent)
George Allard, Bunge Milling, Inc. Corn (seated 2010)
Karl Gerrand, Viterra, Inc. Oats (seated 2010)
John Gillcrist, Bartlett Milling Co. Wheat (seated 2010)
C.B. Knappen, III, Knappen Milling Co. Wheat (seated 2010)
John Miller, Miller Milling Co. Immediate Past Chairman
d. Report of the By Laws Committee – Don Mennel Mr. Mennel and Mr. Siemer reviewed and assessed the by-laws.  Mr. Mennel noted the suggested changes were technical in nature and had been reviewed by NAMA counsel.  A motion to approve the revised by-laws was offered and approved.
e. Report of Budget Committee – Jim Meyer, Budget/Finance Committee Chairman Overview of FY2012 Proposed Budget (Oct 1, 2011-Sep 30, 2012)Mr. Meyer referred members to the FY2012 proposed budget distributed to members.  He noted the approval of the annual budget was the responsibility of the Executive Committee.  The committee was meeting the following morning and was expected to approve the budget.

Review of the budget shows that NAMA is in a solid financial position and there are sufficient funds in the reserves.  Incoming expenses are consistent from last year and any changes are explained in the footnotes.   Mr. Meyer noted there is room in the budget to defer some planned expenditures if the projected dues income changes.

Investment Policy
Mr. Meyer reviewed the work of the Budget/Finance Committee over the past year in consolidating investments in to one brokerage account and opening a second bank account to increase FDIC insurance of liquid assets.  Mr. Meyer then reviewed the proposed Investment Policy that will be used as a guidance document for investment when market conditions improve and funds can be invested for longer terms at better rates.  Members suggested the return benchmark be changed from the Consumer Price Index to a money market index.  Ms. Waters will revise the language and distribute it to the Board.  A motion was made and approved to adopt the Investment Policy.

Resolution for Confirmation of Dues Structure
Mr. Maass asked for a motion to approve the Dues Structure.  A motion was made and unanimously approved.

6. Overview of NAMA efforts in 2011 – Mary Waters, PresidentCommittee Reports
Ms. Waters provided an overview of NAMA efforts over the past year and noted that they all came from the mission statement and goals of NAMA.  This year’s efforts centered around ways to increase demand and then supply nutritious, affordable, and safe grain food products through targeting the consuming public and government policy.
Nutrition – John Miller, Chairman, Sherri Lehman, Staff Liaison
Issues:  grain chain comments on school nutrition, dietary guidelines, My Plate icon, advertising guidelines, gluten, definition of whole grain

Ms. Lehman gave a brief update on the issues.

Food Safety – Don Mennel, Chairman; Sherri Lehman, staff liaison
Issues:   passage of FDA food safety bill, NAMA comments on preventive controls

Mr. Mennel gave a report on the on-going challenges involved in the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act.  NAMA submitted comments on Preventive Controls. NAMA has been working with the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) on FDA inspection user fees. Mr. Mennel reported that the Committee hosted a webinar on food safety and it was well received.

a. Research – Don Mennel, Sherri Lehman, staff liaison

Issue:  status of ARS soft wheat quality lab in Wooster, Ohio

Mr. Mennel expressed concerns about the resignation of the leader of this ARS lab earlier this year.  The uncertainty of the federal budget process has lead USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to delay filling this position.   NAMA’s Technical Committee has requested NAMA staff to draft a letter to support the naming of a lab director.  There is a stakeholder meeting November 15 on USDA research programs that NAMA will participate in.

b. Biotechnology – Jim Bair, Staff liaison

Issues: output trait introduction, WIBC (Wheat Industry Biotech Committee) activities

Mr. Bair gave a report on the introduction of high amylase corn (Enogen) by Syngenta.  Efforts to get a sample for testing have not been successful.  Three NAMA members are on the Syngenta Advisory Committee that will meet again on January 17, 2012.

This issue has allowed NAMA to raise risk issues with federal regulators and highlight the need for adequate risk assessment, risk management, and risk responsibility—the three R’s in biotech regulatory approvals.

Mr. Roskens gave a report on the Syngenta field tour.

Mr. Bair noted that the Center for Food Safety has petitioned the FDA to require labeling of GM content.

USDA has formally created biotech committee (AC21) with all new members.  There are no grain handlers, exporters, or processors.  Secretary Vilsack asked the group to come back to him with ideas to create a compensation fund to which organic growers could make a claim if their crops become contaminated by GM crops.  NAMA sent a letter with other biotech supporters to the Secretary expressing our concerns.  A sub group of processors sent a second letter today expressing concerns in greater detail.

c. Partnership with K State –Breck Barton, Committee Chairman; Mary Waters, staff liaison.  Guest:  Dr. Dirk Maier, Department Head, Grain Science and Industry Dr. Maier distributed a memo outlining progress in several areas at K State Department of Grain Science.  He expressed appreciation to NAMA for funding the Instructor of Milling position, for the close relationship to students through summer internship programs in our companies and through our continued scholarship sponsorship.  He listed the three candidates that they are interviewing for the NAMA position this month.
7. Discussion of New Projects
Production Data Collection – Bill Stoufer and Mary Waters
Ms. Waters briefed the board that with the government’s abrupt decision to end the collection of flour production data, the Ad Hoc Committee on Production Data has been resurrected and Mr. Stoufer was its chair.

Ms. Waters and Mr. Stoufer walked through the attached memo that outlined a plan by Veris to collect the data.  The plan would continue to collect the categories currently collected by Census and would add the category of whole wheat.  Ms. Waters noted that Josh Sosland had been participating in the committee’s conference calls.

The annual cost is within the amount traditionally budgeted but Board approval is needed to use funds from the Issue Resource Fund for the one time fund to set up a database.

One member noted that the program would have to be re-evaluated if participation rates dropped.  It is important for the full board to support reporting.

A member noted the value of the data and suggested we have a separate conference call to determine if/how to distribute the data to no NAMA members.

A motion was made and approved to sign a contract with Veris to collect the data and to use funds from the Issue Resource Fund for the one time database set up fee. Staff will schedule a follow up conference call to discuss dissemination.

8. Other Business

There was no new business.

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 AM.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Waters
NAMA President

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