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NAMA News – April 5, 2013

April 5, 2013

Inside this Issue

Millers gather for the 2013 Division Meetings

More than 180 millers, associate members and industry friends attended the NAMA 2013 Division Meetings at the Hammock Beach resort in Palm Coast, FL. NAMA Chairman James M. Meyer, president of Italgrani, U.S.A. addressed the group.  During his remarks, Mr. Meyer told the group that the depth of the topics covered in the meetings and the participation of NAMA members demonstrated the value of NAMA membership. He also spoke about recent changes in the industry. He said, “We live in interesting times, these changes are coming about because of opportunities within the industry to innovate and deliver quality products to customers.”

Speaker presentations are available on the NAMA website at https://www.namamillers.org/meetings/. Highlights and minutes from the business and committee meetings will be distributed to members and posted in the member section of the NAMA website.

NAMA Corn Division Members Elect Wade Ellis to Chair the Division

At the Corn Division Business Meeting on March 24 in Palm Coast, Florida, corn milling members elected Wade Ellis of Bunge Milling to finish the remaining term of George Allard, also of Bunge Milling. Allard has accepted responsibilities with Bunge outside of the milling industry and resigned his post as the Corn Division chairman. Ellis’ term will run through March 2014.

Ellis was named vice president and general manager of Bunge North America’s milling business in 2013, and is responsible for all phases of corn, rice and wheat milling. Ellis came to Bunge in 2003 after several years working in sales and agronomy for the hybrid seed corn industry. At Bunge, he has held various sales positions, including vice president, sales for the milling business and, most recently, general manager of Bunge’s rice milling facility located in Woodland, California. Mr. Ellis graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in agribusiness management.

NAMA Panel Forecasts Largest Soft Red Wheat Crop Since 2008, Largest Soft White Crop Since 2006

The NAMA soft wheat crop forecast panel, chaired by Connie Barr, Vice President, Customer Service at Siemer Milling Company in Teutopolis, IL, predicted a soft red winter wheat crop of 492.3 million bushels, up 17% from last year and a soft white winter wheat crop of 225.4 million bushels, up 8% from last year.  It was noted that the panel’s 2012 forecast was accurate to within 4 million bushels of the final USDA forecast. The panel’s full report is available online at https://www.namamillers.org/pdf/SoftWheatCropForecast03262013.pdf.

NAMA Board Commends Connie Barr for 13 Years of Service on Soft Wheat Crop Forecast Panel

NAMA announced during the soft wheat crop forecast panel report this would be Connie Barr’s last year to chair the panel. Grover Van Hoose, grain buyer at Mennel Milling Company will takeover as chair of the panel. Ms. Barr was recognized by the NAMA Board of Directors and members of the soft wheat milling division thanking her for her 13 years of service on the panel.

Registration Opens for the 54th Annual Corn Dry Milling Conference

Registration is open for the 54th Annual Corn Dry Milling Conference, May 15-16, 2013. The objective of the conference is to share information about the corn dry milling industry, including the latest advances in milling, product testing technologies and the science of corn production technology.

Corn millers and seed producers, people involved in food corn product manufacturing or sales, and agricultural engineers dealing in the production, handling, storage and processing of corn products for food are encouraged to attend.  Registration and hotel information is on NAMA’s website at https://www.namamillers.org/meetings/2013-cdmc/The hotel room reservation deadline is April 24. For more information, contact Lyndsey Valentine, Administrative Assistant, NAMA at 202.484.2200, ext. 17 or [email protected].

NAMA Sponsors Global Oat Research Meeting

More than 40 oat researchers and NAMA members gathered in Ottawa March 6-8 at a NAMA-sponsored conference to discuss next steps in the North American Collaborative Oat Research Enterprise (NA-CORE). The NA-CORE project has been praised as a rousing success, developing molecular markers for critical agronomic and nutritional traits at a speed that has surprised and impressed many. That is no small feat given the complexity of the oat genome – four times larger than the human genome. Those markers control everything about the oat plant and grain, from disease resistance in the field to fiber content in a milled oat product. Discussions are underway about how to best use this valuable information. To see the program and papers from the conference go to:


In-Kind Food Aid Dispute Continues to Heat Up

In anticipation of next week’s release of the Administration’s budget proposal that is expected to propose an end to the in-kind food aid programs that are the main demand for NAMA produced food aid products, there has been an uptick in the number of media articles pointing to this controversial issue.

The PVOs (private voluntary organizations) support the Administration’s plan to use the food aid funds for local and regional purchases of food products. NAMA, other NGOs, and agriculture/food groups support the current system of sending food and have a political constituency that will continue to assure funding for this crucial mission.  Sending cash has no constituency.

Durum Wheat Milling Short Course – May 21-24

Northern Crops Institute is offering a Durum Wheat Milling Short Course May 21-24 in Fargo, ND. This course is co-sponsored by Northern Crops Institute (NCI) and 
the International Grains Program (IGP) in the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University. The lead instructor is Mark Fowler of the IGP Program at K-State. The course will provide participants with a better understanding of the durum milling process and the necessary tools to be better problem solvers and decision makers.

Newly hired millers, millers who would like to advance their skills, and quality control personnel wanting to gain an insight into durum milling are encouraged to attend. The registration fee is $850. The registration deadline is May 6, 2013. For more information, please contact the Northern Crops Institute, 701-231-7736 / [email protected]

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enroll early. All courses are contingent upon sufficient enrollment numbers. Do not make travel reservations until NCI confirms that course will be offered.

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